We manufacture a full line of Mechanical Bull Inflatables, Multi Player and Interactive Games, heavy duty dollies and hand trucks for Inflatables, Landscaping and Military with weight capacity up to 2000 pounds with 3 year guarantee made in Phoenix, Arizona

 "Quality Equipment for Professionals" 

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Featured Products

Our heavy-duty dollies and hand trucks are made for professionals looking for the right tool to get the job done. We manufacture heavy-duty tree dollies, boulder dollies, safe dollies, arcade game dollies, and gun-safe dollies  

Our heavy-duty trailer dollies are made in the USA and are super strong with the best dolly tires on the market in that size perfect for boat trailers, camper trailers, and utility trailers so buy one today

Multi Player Attractions. We manufacture the 8-player Ninja Warrior Game that's two games in one featuring an 8-player wrecking ball or 8-player mechanical sweeper arm game available in different colors combinations with replaceable artwork for theme changes or corporate branding 

Mechanical Bull for Sale. We are the US distributor for GS Engineering Mechanical Bulls and stock them here in Scottsdale, Arizona available for immediate delivery. Our Mechanical Bulls have a ton of features and are made for professional use by party and event rental companies, Theme parks and FEC's and Bars & restaurants needing a high-quality Mechanical Bull Ride that will last and can be serviced in the US. Our custom Mechanical Bull Inflatables are available in the popular Western theme, holiday theme, or Beach theme featuring a large replaceable banner on the back wall for quick theme changes or corporate branding

Holiday Themed Carnivals Games for Sale. We build custom holiday-themed carnival games made in road cases that can be played by kids or adults   

Our heavy-duty dollies and hand trucks are in stock ready to make your life easier. Our heavy-duty dolly is virtually unbreakable. Moving 600-1200 pounds has never been easier. The HD2 and HD4 have a special feature to convert the heavy-duty hand truck into a utility trailer for easy carrying up trailer ramps and movement across long distances effortlessly. Our heavy-duty dolly is virtually unbreakable with a capacity of 2000 pounds 

We make the perfect Hand Truck for Inflatables, Moonwalks, Slides & box trees from 36" - 48" 

All of our dollies come with a 3-year warranty on the complete dolly including wheels, tires, and bearings, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Don't wait, order one today 

Commercial Heavy-duty dolly for inflatables, heavy-duty hand truck for inflatables. Heavy Duty dolly for sale in Arizona - California - Nevada - Texas - Louisiana - Florida

We manufacture our games and dollies in Phoenix, Arizona, and can ship anywhere in the world 

All of our heavy-duty dollies, hand trucks, and trailer dollies come fully assembled and average shipping within the united states is $165 per dolly 

We can also export your new items to Canada and other countries