Finding a good quality dolly or hand truck for inflatables or landscaping is really hard because almost every dolly manufacturer focuses on cheap dollies, cheap tires, and cheap bearings. Kids Attractions manufactures quality dollies and hand trucks for the professional industry. Don't waste your money on cheap dollies and hand trucks when you're going to end up purchasing ours later. Think about this: You buy a cheap dolly for $200 and it lasts a month or doesn't work at all so you buy 2 $100 dollies because you're busy so your out $400 plus all the time and hassle and you still need to buy the right dolly so save the $400 and buy your dollies from Kids Attractions and be done with the hassle.

Bungee Rope Workout for sale

Posted by on 1/28/2017 to Inflatable Rentals

If you're looking to buy a Bungee Rope Workout System for your gym or fitness center make sure you buy a quality bungee rope system with the correct hardware rated to hold humans. The last thing you need is for them to break and cause injuries. 

Bungee Rope Workout system for sale

Kids Attractions in Scottsdale Arizona has everything you need including the right Bungee Rope, Speed Harnesses, Swivels and quick release clips needed to install this in any size gym or studio. We do not do the roof rigging but can assist you in designing the perfect Bungee Rope system for you and your facility. 

Bungee Ropes cost around $135.00 each and the speed harness cost around $75.00 each and you will need the right hardware to connect all the parts together.      

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