Comparison Chart

Powder Coated?
  HD2 HD4 Others
How long have you been manufacturing big dollies? Since 2005 Since 2005 ?
Does the manufacturer offer a written warranty? Yes, 3 years Yes, 3 years ?
Does the manufacturer offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee on all of our products? Yes Yes ?
Does the dolly come complete with all accessories for immediate use? Yes Yes ?
Does it come with Video Training and printed safety material? Yes Yes ?
Does the dolly have safety and warning labels attached? Yes Yes ?
Has the dolly been tested with the rated load? Yes Yes ?
How long has the dolly been tested? Since 2004 Since 2004 ?
What is the weight capacity of each tire? 795 lbs 760 lbs ?
What is the ply rating of each tire? 6 6 ?
Gross Weight of dolly? 90 lbs 100 lbs ?
Total rated Weight capacity? 1000 lbs 2000 lbs ?
Is the dolly painted or powder coated? Powder Coated
Is theCoated?sandblasted before powder coating? Yes Yes ?
Is the axle zinc plated to prevent rusting? Yes Yes ?
Is the dolly welded together with 3 phase pulse mig technology used in Ship Building? Yes Yes ?
Is every dolly made exactly the same using Jigs the way automobiles are made? Yes Yes ?
Will today's purchase be the right one for the future? Yes Yes ?
Size of dolly - Overall width x height 34"x63" 34"x63" ?
Cost of dolly $599 $639 ?
Freight cost $165 $165 ?
Broken parts, labor, tires, bearings over next 3 years $0 $0 ?
Overall cost $764 $804 ?
Availability? In Stock In Stock ?