Ninja Warrior Dome Nuclear Colors
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Ninja Warrior Dome Nuclear Colors

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 Our New Ninja Warrior dome and Ninja Warrior Challenge are 2 games in 1 and can be used either as an 8 player wrecking ball game or an 8 player sweeper arm game complete as one package 

If you own or operate a Party or Event Rental Company, Family Entertainment Center, Amusement Park, or Summer Camp and looking for a great way to generate revenue and provide entertainment for kids and adults than our Ninja Warrior Game is it. This game will make you money either as a rental item or as a pay for play. The versatility is great because you can switch it up at your indoor facility or offer your customers 2 different games with one investment 

The center section comes with 2 removable banners so you can quickly brand this game for corporate clients or simply offer it with different themes adding another revenue stream to your company and keep you ahead of the competition 

  This game was designed, engineered, and built by professionals from top to bottom with the customer's interest in mind using High-quality parts, precision fabrication, ease of use, protection of your investment during transit, and more. This game is built for performance, longevity and to make you shine in front of your customers     

This 8 player game is perfect for ages 8 to adult and we have 2 color combinations available for this game.  It comes standard with a ton of safety features including a height requirement chart printed on both sides of the front entrance, clear instructions printed on the sweeper's arm covers instructing players to "Jump" or "Duck" along with arrows indicating up or down action required, automatic torque control of the sweeper booms that stop or stall if someone lets it hit them or gets stuck, 12 RPM Max speed and instant stop feature of the spinning arms even at full speed

This game has a ton of features under the hood like heavy-duty legs with rubber feet, compact lightweight control panel with a protective road case included. The Ninja Warrior Dome has super fast stops and many awesome features listed below. The powertrain comes with a full 3-year warranty including parts and labor 

Our Ninja Warrior Dome requires no tools to assemble and comes complete with a road case for the controller and storage bags for the pedestals and sweeper arms. This game can be set up in 30 minutes with 2 people   

Our Ninja Warrior Dome ships on 3 pallets in a compact package designed to save you money. Some companies are charging for crates and oversized freight, special handling charges, and more

Call, Click or come by today for a complete quote including freight. Why settle for a basic sweeper game when you can have the best sweeper game available with a ton of upgrades for about the same price  or a little more  

Call other companies for a complete quote including freight, credit card fees, and any other hidden charges, then call Kids Attractions to order your game that is in stock ready for delivery so you can start making money and avoid baggage fees

Questions to ask when comparing Games:
  1. Does the game come with a road case for the controller?
  2. Does the game come with protective bags for the foam pedestals and sweeper's arms?
  3. Does the game setup without tools?
  4. Is the game in stock ready to ship?
  5. Do you add charges to pay with a credit or debit card?
  6. Do you charge for crating or packaging the game? How much?
  7. Do we need to ship the game back to you in order to get service work done?
  8. Do you offer 24-hour technical support?
  9. How many support legs does it have? 
  10. Does it come with a storage bag for the legs?
  11. Do the support legs have rubber feet to prevent floor damage and movement during use?
  12. Does the entrance have tripping hazard inflatables installed or is it easy to enter and exit the game?
  13. Do you have age restrictions and height signs installed at the entrance?
  14. After you ask these few simple questions it will become obvious that Kids Attractions Ninja Warrior game it the one to buy and we work will many different finance companies to make your purchase possible.  
 Even More Questions:
  1. How fast does it stop?
  2. Do you offer removable artwork for the center cover?
  3. Will the foam inside the sweeper's arms fall apart? Is it easy to replace? Is this covered under your warranty? 
  4. Does the electric motor stick out the side of the base to collect dirt, water, and rub on the inflatable?
  5. Are the cable connections on the operator console and base recessed or do they stick out making them hard to transport and store without damage?
  6. Will the support legs store on the base?
  7. Are the power cords and control wires connected or separate parts?
  8. Is the drive motor DC or AC? AC motors will not be ASTM compliant in the next year or so.  
  9. How may deflation flaps are on the Inflatable? Ours has 6
  10. How many blower tubes are on the inflatable? Ours has 4
These are just a few improvements we've made over the competition and don't forget you get 2 games in 1. These are serious questions to consider before making a multiplayer sweeper arm game purchase and we will be here to help you along the way 

We also have a full parts department available online to order any part for the Ninja Warrior Game or any other products we manufacture for fast, easy repairs or to replace lost or damaged parts. Create an account with us and ordering from us is just like Amazon

 Mini Controler  

Mini Operator Console

Install the legs without tools

recessed wires

Ninja Warrior Games for Sale

The 2 photos above are just 2 of the color combinations we offer so call, click or come by today

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