Testimonials and Reviews

The HD4 dolly has been the best addition to Cape Cod Party Rentals. We couldn't function without it. It allows us to transport very heavy inflatables very effectively and professionally. Our costumers not only admire our inflatable units, but are always impressed with our heavy duty dolly. Thank you Kids Attractions!!!
Judy and Dan Skojec
Cape Cod Party Rentals
We bought 2 HD4's several years ago at IAAPA and loved them from the start. Our delivery drivers fight to over the dollies in the morning and i told them whoever arrives on time gets the HD4's for their rought. I need to buy more but enjoy making the late employees work harder. I never thought  would be so excited to spend that much on a hand truck but believe me, we havent had to even air the tires in years. Barry F
I am excited to use these as our HD 4 has been awesome! I appreciate you so much in working with me/us in developing the most reliable, functional hand trucks in the world! Thanks for taking so many great pictures at various angles, etc. Talk to ya' soon!! Keith
Hey Chad: Thank you for assistance in getting the dolly to us in Puerto Rico without a problem. The shipment was less than the $301.06 actually it was $281.00 because we picked the dolly up at the arrival point. It was a pleasure doing business with you and the dolly got here about 2-3 weeks ago and I am just getting around to sitting and actually thanking you. Sorry but, you understand there are not enough hours in a day to do everything we want to do and especially to get on this computer it takes time. Thanks! Carmen and Julio
I just wanted to thank you again for helping me out so much. Your generosity and assistance blew me away!
For your reference, I've attached a picture of the Rock Dolly that Meluzzo Stone makes on sight & sells. Although there are some good features it has [such as a deep cradle] - it's very clear that your product has so much more versatility, quality, and bonus features [it really doesn't even compare]. Regardless of their design, it still may offer you an idea or two for future R&D. Or at least show you what not to do, but I'm already sure you already know that. : - )

I just wanted you to see the only other dolly that I've found out there that remotely (and I emphasize remotely) comes close to yours. I'm really glad you had your website up because I wouldn't have known about your dolly being available - and you being local to boot.

My perpetual thanks for everything you've done for me, and again for all of your generosity, and for providing me with such a superior product.

Most sincerely,

The new dolly arrived on Saturday. A LIFESAVER...or rather a back saver! Thanks again for a wonderful product. Thanks. Lori
Big Blue, We love you! Michael
I was hesitant at first to spend that much on a hand cart but after seeing it at the IAAPA show and listening to what other people said about the cart it changed my mind. We bought 2 of the HD4's and the trailer dolly and it's the best investment we've made. I bet over the years we bought 20 cheap hand carts and countless tires and bearings before we found you. We need to order 2 more of you HD4's because the drivers fight over them. Jim
Hi Chad
I just wanted to send you a quick thank you and let you know how much everyone loves these dollies. Our deliveries take less people than before for our big water slide and the customers are more impressed with the dolly than the bouncer. I used it to take my old dolly to the dumpster
Best thing since sliced bread" We live in Florida and nothing works better in the thick st Augustine grass than the HD4. What a life saver. Me and my husband love this thing! Thanks again Donna