Finding a good quality dolly or hand truck for inflatables or landscaping is really hard because almost every dolly manufacturer focuses on cheap dollies, cheap tires, and cheap bearings. Kids Attractions manufactures quality dollies and hand trucks for the professional industry. Don't waste your money on cheap dollies and hand trucks when you're going to end up purchasing ours later. Think about this: You buy a cheap dolly for $200 and it lasts a month or doesn't work at all so you buy 2 $100 dollies because you're busy so your out $400 plus all the time and hassle and you still need to buy the right dolly so save the $400 and buy your dollies from Kids Attractions and be done with the hassle.

The Best Wipeout Game for trampoline parks

Posted by on 10/1/2018 to Inflatable Rentals
The Best Wipeout Game for trampoline parks

Most wipeout games may look similar in photos but the real thing to consider is will the company take care of problems, warranty issues or spare parts? Kids Attractions has a great reputation for customer service, quality engineered and tested products and in stock replacement parts many available to purchase online without the need to speak to anyone.

Design, function ability and ease of use are also huge things to consider. We found that Kids Attractions really put a lot of time and professionalism into the overall design and each part was custom designed using AutoCAD by a professional fabrication designer.

The Kids Attractions Wipeout game is very sleek and well built from the operator console to the heavy-duty support legs, no detail was overlooked in the game we inspected.

Super low amp draw at less than 7 amps with a DC drive motor makes this game amazing and made for a long life of being used at low speeds. Traditional 110 or 220-volt motors are not made for low-speed use and will get very hot from the resistance. Something we liked about the Wipeout game was the ease of access to the internal controls inside the control box. With one small twist of the lid lock we had complete access to the breaker, control board, and relays, all with LED indicator lights inside and out for super quick diagnostics and troubleshooting.

We were able to set up and take down the game without tools something never done before. Everything was universal meaning that any leg or any pole fit in any hole. Seems simple enough right but one Wipeout game called the Meltdown had spray painted spots on the sweeper poles indicating poor design and almost impossible to get a replacement part that was ready to bolt on.

Super compact design was amazing and well thought out for rental companies or seasonal parks. The operator console includes a professional road case and all wires were attached so fewer parts to connect or go missing. The support legs and operator console stand store nicely on the mechanical base because there is nothing worse than getting to an event and someone forgot the legs or wires but you won't have to worry if you purchased the Ninja Warrior Challenge. I would give this design idea 5 stars for sure.

Rubber feet on the legs and mechanical base are super important to prevent movement during use or transportation. The Ninja Warrior Wipeout game had a total of 20 rubber feet on the tested model while games like the Meltdown had none.

While we're on the topic of portability we also liked the fact that Kids Attractions includes storage bags for the pedestals and boom covers to protect them during transportation and never have to worry about counting individual parts. Just grab the 3 bags and you're done.

Instructions and warnings for playing the Kids Attractions Ninja Warrior Wipeout game were placed at the entrance of the inflatable including height signs painted on the game on both sides and the spinning booms were clearly marked with "Jump" and "Duck" along with arrows indicating what to do. Sounds simple enough but no other Wipeout game had any of these features.

Quality of the Inflatable game was outstanding and very firm. Having a firm inflatable is very important because remember it will have up to 8 people on it and if they are all adults that could be 1600 pounds. We liked the Ninja Warrior game with the arches because it was very big and impressive even from a distance. The color of the material and print was very bright and shiny. This type of material is also very easy to clean opposed to material with grain or pattern that may need to be scrubbed with a brush to clean.

We visited the 53,000sf Kids Attractions facility in Phoenix Arizona where the games are assembled and the place is amazing. The facility has a huge customer lobby, will call area and lots of helpful employees. I felt really good about the decision to purchase the Ninja Warrior Challenge Wipeout game from Kids Attractions knowing that they are heavily invested in a quality product and great sales and support staff.

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