The Storm Spinning Seat Ride
Storm Obstacle Course

The Storm Spinning Seat Ride

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The Storm is a 4 player Dizzy obstacle course that's 30 feet in diameter and features 4 spinning seats turning 24 RPMs 

The inflatable has height requirements printed right on the front and can be operated with only one person. The Storm has a super quick thruput at 12 people per minute or 720 people per hour with one entrance and four exits 

The game operates like this: Four people enter the game and find a seat, the operator starts the ride and it quickly reaches 24 RPMs, the ride spins for 10 to 12 seconds then stops letting the players scramble out of the four obstacle courses, the operator send in 4 more players.

Once you own the motion base and control box we have several different attachments and inflatables to turn this game into several like the Ninja Warrior Challenge, Typhon, or the Cyclone.

No other manufacturer comes close to the versatility of our mechanical games and were committed to always having new and exciting attachments for our line of mechanical games

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