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Turn your next event into a rodeo!

Posted by on 1/1/2017 to Inflatable Rentals
Turn your next event into a rodeo!

Turn your next event into a real live rodeo with a mechanical bull rental!

Are you ready to have a real live rodeo of your very own?  Our mechanical bull rental can do just that. We offer a unique experience with a mechanical bull that will thrash and jerk just like riding a real bull, but better and safer.  The mechanical bull is surrounded by an inflated platform that is soft to hit when you are bucked off, unlike the rodeo ring floor. You and your guests will have a great time watching everyone attempt to stay on and have a great time.  

Mechanical Bull rentals go great with other party rentals!

Kids Attractions is proud to offer mechanical bulls for sale for your event rental company. Mechanical bull rentals can be enjoyed by people of all ages.  Typically they go well with a popcorn rental and drinks too. Watching on to see how long everyone can stay on the bull is a lot of fun for those that attend.  Challenging each other and poking a bit of fun is what it is all about. Let your guests let loose and really have a great time while not only participating by riding but also by watching.  Riding the mechanical bull is a great time. It can be controlled by how fast or slow that it goes. Mixing up the speed will really mess with riders and keep them on their toes. Have fun with it!

Most Importantly have fun!!

Having fun is what rodeos are all about.  Be sure to add some music and even an announcer can be great additions as well.  You create the atmosphere, so liven it up and get it going in the right direction.  Challenge the spectators and make it fun for everyone standing around watching. A real live rodeo is all about having fun, there are rodeo clowns as well!   Why can't you have some rodeo clowns at your rodeo too? Think of the various things that make up a rodeo and decorate to really get the atmosphere right.  

The most important thing to your real live rodeo is the atmosphere.  Keeping a fun spirt going is a part of it. Be sure that you are ready and willing to get the ball rolling.  Be sure that you have the music, concessions, the mechanical bull and everything in order. Don't forget to pick up some straw bales and other western/farm themed items to really bring the farm feel to your party.  

Add some Rodeo Accessories!!

Adding a fun belt buckle and western dress can be fun as well.  Put on your cowboy boots, some jeans, and a western shirt to complete the theme and really get into the groove of having your own real live rodeo!  Complete the theme with some rodeo clowns and even offer prizes to those that participate! This can be a whole lot of fun if you get a little creative.  Remember, they keep track of how long the riders stay on, and so can you! Grab a chalkboard or whiteboard and keep track as people give it their all.  

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