Finding a good quality dolly or hand truck for inflatables or landscaping is really hard because almost every dolly manufacturer focuses on cheap dollies, cheap tires, and cheap bearings. Kids Attractions manufactures quality dollies and hand trucks for the professional industry. Don't waste your money on cheap dollies and hand trucks when you're going to end up purchasing ours later. Think about this: You buy a cheap dolly for $200 and it lasts a month or doesn't work at all so you buy 2 $100 dollies because you're busy so your out $400 plus all the time and hassle and you still need to buy the right dolly so save the $400 and buy your dollies from Kids Attractions and be done with the hassle.

Whats the best dolly to use for Heavy Inflatables?

Posted by on 7/18/2020 to Landscaping
Whats the best dolly to use for Heavy Inflatables?
What's the Best Dolly or Hand Truck to use for Heavy Inflatables? 

Kids Attractions in Phoenix, Arizona has been manufacturing Heavy duty dollies and hand trucks for the inflatable industry since 2005 with 6 models to choose from. These dollies work well for allot of industries like Tree companies, party, and event rental companies, tent companies, and general construction and warehouse work. 

Tires seem to be the biggest headache when it comes to finding a quality hand truck but Kids Attractions has it figured out using the best inflatable tires on the market. Flat-free tires will not hold heavyweight because they are foam and will twist right off the rime with as little as 200 pounds of weight. The MD series dollies are made for everyday use in the inflatable industry and perfect for Combos and 18-foot water slides. 

 The HD series dollies are the proven workhorse for any inflatable up to 1500 pounds that's rolled correctly. If you have a huge inflatable rolled wrong no dolly will help you. 

 The Kids Attractions Trailer dolly and Boat Trailer dolly are built very well and all welded together except for the kickstand. These trailer dollies feature Carslile tires and 3/4" thick axle perfect for almost all single axle trailers.

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